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Jeff Martin – Returning From The Ocean At The End

Jeff Martin is obviously a man who likes to have a lot on his plate. Following up a 2014 in which he finalised the first album by his band The Tea Party in ten years and then toured the release across Australia and North America, toured again nationally with Sarah McLeod of the Superjesus, and managed to squeeze in production work on three more albums including that for recent Cairns’ tourists Lepers And Crooks, you could be forgiven for expecting 2015 to bring some kind of a break, but you’d be wrong.

Perhaps the diversity of his projects provides energy, as launching an independent label, finalising release of albums of his own, and stripping back his trio’s critically-acclaimed album The Ocean At The End to a solo acoustic format, then touring it, are all part (but not all!) of his agenda for this year.

One of Jeff’s forthcoming albums is Black Diamond Express, a collaboration with Sarah McLeod and The Baby Animals’ Mick Skelton inspired by his Man The Lifeboats tour with McLeod. There’s also his solo EP The Palace Part 1 – Sub Rosa”…  which is rumoured to be available only at shows on this tour.

Brothers Cairns is lucky enough to play host this Saturday for what will be his second-last show in Australia for quite some time, and from the reviews of previous shows those lucky enough to attend will be treated to a show as diverse as the performer’s talents. As you would expect from the Returning from The Ocean At The End tour, the setlist is broadly shaped around the album, but no doubt woven throughout will be gems from across his own career, interpretations of music that has influenced his work, and probably a few surprises. In Jeff’s own words, it will be “a rollercoaster ride you’ve never been on before.”

Despite the raw, stripped-back and intimate format, Jeff has also been quoted as aspiring to be the “loudest acoustic guitar player in the world,” so the show will be anything but low-energy, and undoubtedly one not to miss for anyone who enjoys emotionally-rich, creatively-charged music delivered by one of the masters of the singer-songwriter craft.

Those for whom one Jeff Martin show isn’t enough should also check out his partnership with Travelling My Way tours in the shape of Stars In The Sand, where just 25 fans have the opportunity to share an 8 day “boutique musical odyssey” to Morocco, experiencing the ancient culture and traditions and nightly acoustic performances with Jeff himself.

For those of us unable to take part in this adventure, though, there is the show at Brothers on Saturday night. I’ll see you there!

Jeff Martin plays Brothers Leauges Club this Saturday night 2nd May. Tickets  available HERE

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