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NQMP Square LogoAdvertising with NQ Music Press is a great way to get your event or product out to an extremely targeted audience of NQ Music Lovers. In the space of a few months we have become the most popular music and entertainment site in North Queensland. There is a reason NQMP’s popularity has grown so fast in such a short time – compelling content. We have assembled the best team of music writers in North QLD to cover the events our readers want to hear about and keep returning to every day.  Our web site is optimised for mobile devices, and the majority of people access us this way. On The go, in your lunch break, walking round wondering whats on, NQMP is there for you, delivering YOUR message.  We are also extremely active in social media, helping to get your message out to potential punters. NQ Music Press is a cost effective way to reach a very large number of NQ music lovers about your event, product or business.

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