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Cairns Entertainment News

All the Cairns entertainment news that’s fit to post..

NQMP Square LogoOptimised for mobile devices, because we know you need the best Cairns entertainment news while you eat your lunch. We are not a gig guide, we don’t report on all the gigs in Cairns, just the Cairns gigs you care about. NQ Music Press’s mission is to report on, unearth and archive the North Queensland music scene. It is a place to discover up and coming new bands, and rediscover NQ bands from the past. Have a dig around in our rapidly growing archive of older NQ band music and images, there’s definitely gold to be found in there! The reviews section covers local releases and gigs, as well as local shows by touring acts. If it’s music entertainment news and it’s happening in North Queensland, we’re all over it. North QLD Music Press covers Cairns entertainment news, including all areas of North Queensland from Mackay to Port Douglas.

From Concerts, local band nights, CD releases to local band goss, NQ Music press will bring you the latest and freshest Cairns entertainment news.

Our writers are dedicated to bringing you the latest Cairns entertainment news. If you feel you have some Cairns entertainment news to contribute,  contact us.

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