Resonate 2008 Gallery

To celebrate the return of Resonate next Thursday night at the Grand, we thought we would run a gallery from the last year of Resonate back in 2008. This is only a small sampling of the many artists both touring and local that played the popular weekly gig.

Emma louise

Emma Louise


Danny Ross – Went on to become an Australian Idol finalist.

Danny Ross


Mike Cooper – Legendary english slide guitar virtuoso.

Mike Cooper


Silo – Featuring Lobo (RIP) and Simon Wynyard



Sugarcane Collins – Winner of Australian Blues album of the year.

Sugarcane Collins


DFRS – Becky and DeionĀ from Chakra BC in their acoustic form.



Ben Hutchnson Jack & Lisa – A great Scottish duo that were in town for a few gigs.

Mick Hodgkins – From Mangrove Jack

Mick Hodgkins


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