Souvenir City

Here’s a few pics of Souvenir City from around 2002. Souvenir City were one of my favourites from around that era. They were unusual in that they had no guitar player, just drums, bass and keys, with Emcyte spitting ryhmes over the top. The recording of “Innocence Lost” off the Pandamonium 2002 CD was lauded on air by JJJs Richard Kingsmill for it’s “impressive” production.

A posed shot of the Souv, circa 2002 L-R – Jane Sharpe, Jesse Faber, Dal Smart, Zack Eakin (Emcyte)
Souvenir City 2002


Below, an earlier incarnation of Souvenir City with Martin Stayte on drums.

Souvenir City with Mudcrab

The Souv


The last taken during the recording of “Innocence Lost” at the old Pandamonium Studio

Picture 067


Picture 070