Arthouse is Dead

Arthouse Is Dead > Long Live Arthouse

Nick Mills sends us some sad news regarding the demise of Arthouse as we know it. Can you you help the Arthouse? Nicks announcement:-

Arthouse friends, we have some sad and beautiful news.

After such a stellar run of cultural-revolution, Arthouse is closing down.

We were told by ‘authorita’ in late July that the property is zoned incorrectly (yep go figure), so we had to cancel a bunch of forthcoming cultural events. While still on our knee’s, we have just learnt that the property has now been sold.

We literally have less than 6 weeks to get out. Where to from here? Not sure > all the dice are in the air, but we’ll probably need your help!

Has your uncle/dad/brother/mother/gran/sugar daddy got a daggy property/shed/warehouse they need occupied?

Please write a review on the Arthouse page. Tell us, and the world, your connection to Arthouse. We’d love to hear testimonials from you mob.

Arthouse Loves You > You Love Arthouse.

Arthouse is an independent artspace in Cairns that been running off an oily rag for over 4 years, creating a critical ecosystem for cultural development and experimentation amongst a sea of mediocrity. Puppet master and shadowy leader figure Falcon Krest, delivers the sad and prophetic news that the space will now close:-

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