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Leanne Tennant – One Eye On The Stranger

No sooner than 2017 appeared, Leanne Tennant has propelled forward with dramatic speed. In March she was awarded a Queensland Music Award for her breakthrough track Gentle Annie, and has now been selected by Kram from ‘Rock n Roll’ royalty outfit, Spiderbait, the opportunity to be flown to Bruny Island in Tasmania, and partake in an exclusive song writing and mentorship program in July.

Established in 2015, One Eye on the Stranger pairs an iconic Australian musician with an emerging artist form each state for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their craft during an exclusive songwriting and mentorship program. This year, they are taking the project to a national level with multiple Aria award-winning artist Kram from Spiderbait, running the exclusive Bruny Island workshop followed by the opportunity to perform alongside Kram at the Hobart festival ‘Festival of Voices’.

This follows Leanne Tennants recent nomination for a Carol Lloyd Award which awards the successful applicant $15000 to record a full length album. The fortunate recipient of this award is announced on 30, May in Brisbane at the Queensland Music Festival Launch.

In her own words Leanne describes how grateful she is to have achieved these important career milestones – “It feels quite surreal to have been chosen by Kram for such a unique and wonderful opportunity. I have been a fan of Spiderbait since a teenager, and I never could have imagined I would get to do something like this, plus I’ve always wanted to visit Tasmania! The Carol Lloyd Ward is also really special to me as I highly respect the judging panel and their vision for Queensland Music. I am an independent artist so I don’t have the financial or physical help of a label. I finance everything myself anywhere from rehearsal spaces, to recording a CD, merchandise, paying my musicians to play and tour with me, publicity, grant writing, the list goes on. It is lovely to have some recognition and assistance to continue doing what I love, and contributing to the Australian music scene.” One Eye on the Stranger resumes in July, and we too will be keeping an eye on Leanne Tennant throughout 2017 to see what happens next!

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