The Hard Ons

The Hard Ons – From Punchbowl to Cairns

You heard it here first folks.. Seminal Australian punk icons the Hard Ons will be playing Garageland at the Grand Hotel in June. This one will be bound to sell out so make sure you get your tickets as soon as they go on sale. We will announce tickets as soon as they are available. The last time the Hard Ons played Cairns was in 1994 back at Johnos Blues Bar Mk1 in Sheridan st.

Forming in 1981 at Punchbowl high school the Hard ons have gone on to become icons on the Australian indie scene. Embracing a DIY ethic from day one, they have always been band on the offensive against apathy, and have been sticking it to the man for longer than most. In 1987 Beat Magazine article described their sound as “Motörhead meets the Beach Boys”. People that are au fait with the Hard Ons would probably still know the band from their 1991 cover of AC/DCs “Let There Be Rock” with one mr Henry Rollins on vocals, and the accompanying film clip. The Hard Ons have the honour of being Australia’s most successful independent band, with over 250,000 records sold worldwide and 17 consecutive No. 1 hits on the Australian alternative charts.

If we were the kind of publication to put on dodgy awards nights, the Garageland boys Pidge and Dozer would get our vote for best local promotors of the year. For a couple of lads with no experience in the music industry they have knocked up an impressive score of both local and touring artists to play at Garageland.

The Smith st Band, The Bennys, Flangipanis, have all played Garageland at the Grand and gone back home raving about what a good time they had in Cairns. Bands get paid, sound great, get treated well and punters have a good time. Great to see some grass roots action done right!

The Hard Ons play Garageland at the Grand Hotel June 11 with local supports. Tickets on sale soonish – Stay tuned!

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