Railway Hotel

Last Drinks at the Railway Hotel

It looks like Cairns may be losing yet another iconic venue. Our sources report that The Railway Hotel will be shutting it’s doors in a few weeks time as the  ground floor is being converted into retail space, with the top floor to remain as accomodation.

The venue has certainly had a chequered past and has struggled to lose it’s “rough pub” image. While not always being at the front of peoples mind as a live entertainment venue, it has hosted occasional original music nights over the last few years, and the loss of any live venue in Cairns is something to be lamented.

One of the few old style pubs left in town, it is sad to see yet another one fall by the wayside.  The Grand, The Cape York and The Jack seem to be the last of the old style inner city pubs flying the live music flag with the Railway Hotel looking set to join the ranks of The Central, The Big O, Hides, Hideaways, The Playpen and The Criterion.

From what we have heard, the future of the Railway Hotel is sealed, but music lovers can prevent the closure of any more venues very simply:-  Tear yourself away from Netflix, Social Media, X-Factor, The Voice, and Australian Idol and witness the sights, smells and sounds of REAL live music!

Todd Macalpine

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