Hell Awaits Gig Review

Hell awaited, and punters got more than they bargained for, and it’s with thanks to the bands Salacious, Meat Bikini, Sworf, and the reinvented Freebooter, now Odius. Unanimous is the word of the day as all were astounded by  Sworf smashing through a terrific set of hard hitting, drop D riffage, Meat Bikini down one member and still pulling through, Odius’s neck-aching second attack, and with Salacious’ crowd-reveling and rallying mayhem, necks were bound to burn out by the end of the night.

Odius once again kicked the gig off and this time with an original. As the song pieced itself together, more people were watching from the bar and around, and this would continue through the rest of the set. After playing the covers and some songs from their Hellbound set, another original was introduced for a second surprise and had done their job to warm, or perhaps burn the crowd up for a good night ahead. Aside from a mishap of the lead guitarist’s lead being kicked out by the frontman – and under no means to mess with him – the band pulled through an even tighter set than at Hellbound.

With a new guitarist and bass player, SWORF claimed 2014 as ‘their year’ on Facebook and proved what could be a hint of truth from a set of hard-hitters in drop D. The new bassist also sings along with his fellow members, and the new guitarist showed off some sweet chops with lead work in a few songs.

Hell Awaits was a first for me to hear Meat Bikini and Salacious, so I was very excited to hear them both. Meat Bikini, down a member that day, played what sounds to me a lot like 70’s inspired punk.  I’ll be honest and say it’s not my cup of JD (still rhymes, still counts). Pidge and I spoke afterwards and said the guys have been around for a while and have their eyes on one prize at all times – playing for the thrill of it. They looked to have a great time and got a few jokes out, so they did what they came to do! Heads were bopping to say the least as beers were had, so if you’re a fan of old school Punk, check them out.

I’ve come to learn that if a band has you drinking and moving more, they’re doing their job as entertainers. Salacious claim to do just that – entertain. Newly installed member Peter Bullis is a solid addition to the prog metal outfit, proving himself to reach the clean highs and deep growls along with frontman Euan Williams, as well as providing either guitar or keyboard harmonies and melodies behind his space of gear. Mouth of Madness is the only song I can really recall and it’s for that epic of a chorus. The crowd really gathered once Salacious took to the stage and it was great to see they paid what was due to their fans, using wireless leads to have them move around amongst the people. The bassist moved like a madman, maybe not as mad as the tattoos he bares, but certainly madder than anyone in the crowd! Salacious manage to write in a wide spectrum of influences, writing riffs, solos, grooves and harmonies that will have you recognising Rock and Metal music alike across songs, even changing moods within some songs with wondrous touch of electronica through the utilised keyboards.

Hell Awaits was a night I sure want to have again, and I’m sure others do to..

Get ready for the next Hell Awaits and check out these guys again in their upcoming gigs

Mofo Live Borgust 16th this Saturday – Odius
Smelly Jeans Halloween Oct 31st – Meat Biniki

Alex Flower