Swamp Donkey Jaguar

Bovine Madness Music Bonanza

The German club is set to shake once more to the sounds of the NQ indie rock scene on Sat March 18. The scene of numerous MOFO gigs, the venerable establishment has been devoid of live music for a while. Indeed, it has been quite a while since this writer has had the chance to quaff steins of quality german beer at the venue, and is champing at the bit to do so again.

Details are scant, Whats with the Bovine? is it a MOFO? We don’t know. Maybe in the fullness of time Raoul Douche will emerge from wherever he has been hiding and enlighten us all.

What we do know is that a few of the MOFO instigators are involved and the lineup so far is:-

Post Truths
Machine Machine
Tropic Roots
Swamp Donkey.

Mark it down in your calendar, the German Club gigs are always a hoot.

Doors at 7. First Band at 7:30. $10. All ages. 18+ Bring ID. 7 – 12pm. Basic munchies available.

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