Swamp Donkey 2018

Haha Land

The German Club in Cairns is primed to shake with the sound of live original music once again this Friday night the 26th of May.

Haha Land will feature Swamp Donkey, Tropic Roots, Zepherbees, Bigfoot Mafia, and Forest.

From the organisers..

Prime your stetsons and untangle your hair extensions cause its haha land, the next iteration of local rock n roll debauchery at the hallowed german club.

A turgid mix of somewhat melodic, surprisingly sexy and completely self indulgent smelly bands awaits those of girded loins and braced of teeth.

Expect lots of frenemy pointing and laughing, gentle loving heckling and beer.

Theres also food too…and merchandise.

People under the age of consent are welcome, you just aren’t allowed to imbibe heavy liquid and will most likely be more responsible than your elders…you can drive us all home.

Its 10 bucks at the door. entry at 7:30pm. ubers at midnight. 55 winkworth st cairns.

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