Happy Wolves Records’ Xmas Party

Aloha Steve, Dano, Mum, Terry – how are we all?

I’ve been in hibernation lately, in a chryo-chamber sleeping head to toe with Walt Disney. You can say what you like about his immense racism and litigious overbearing nature, but boy do his feet smell good! As a result of my choma-like stasis my finger is no longer on the pulse of the local Cairns music scene – in fact I barely have a pulse.

So I’m shaking the cobwebs off the ‘ole keyboard to let you know about something that’s blipped on my newly awoken radar – everyone’s 4th favourite FNQ record label,¬†Happy Wolves, are hosting a Xmas party at everyone’s 1st favourite German themed German Club based in the Cairns region… (spoiler alert) –
The German Club!

As we all know, Cairns has a tendency (to quote Winston Churchill) “to suck balls big time” when it comes to supporting Original Live music. Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of venues playing plenty of music. But if you’ve got an original idea and you want to drop it, then don’t expect that drop to be hot. Luke warm is even a blessing. That’s why the German Club has built a healthy reputation as the bastion of live original music in Cairns. The bloody Germans aren’t afraid of some glitchy post modern sounds or messy distorted chords and they like it to be accompanied with some good old fashionable alcoholism. So flame on I say.

Come along on SATURDAY 9th DECEMBER from 6.30pm
(bands start early so don’t dilly dally)
To see 5 Live n Local (and darn awesome) Bands:
Swamp donkey
Meat Bikini
(+ DJ Paul Rudd)

The German Club – 57 Winkworth St, Cairns
It’s all ages, but bring proof of age if you want to drink or man a space vessel.

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