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Havana Meets Kingston Sound System

It’s Been two years since visionary Australian musician and producer Mista Savona first presented the Havana Meets Kingston Sound System to a full house at the Tanks Arts Centre.

In October 2017, Savona hit Australian shores with the high energy Havana Meets Kingston Sound System project to tour the then, newly-released Havana Meets Kingston album.

Recorded in Havana and launched worldwide that same year, the album features some of Jamaica’s greatest musicians including Sly & Robbie, Prince Alla and Bongo Herman, alongside Buena Vista Social Club musicians Barbarito Torres and Rolando Luna as well as Cuba’s most influential percussionist Changuito (Los Van Van) and so many more.

“My main intention was to bring Jamaican sound system and bass culture together with Cuba’s electrifying and virtuosic Afro-Cuban and jazz traditions, and this is where the album excels and is unique in musical history,” Savona says.

“Energetic and passionate vocals in Spanish, English and Jamaican patois twist and turn over the distinctly Cuban rhythms and melodies, while the deep basslines that Jamaica is best known for pulse underneath, unifying the music of both cultures.”

The first single Carnival, featuring British-Jamaican singer Randy Valantine and Cuban singer Solis, was released in February 2017 and made waves across the UK and Europe, charting in Global Reggae and iTunes (World Music).

Fast forward to October 2019, Savona will return to Cairns with the second album in the Havana Meets Kingston series, along with legendary musician Solis and new addition, Brenda Navarrete.

Navarrete is one of Cuba’s hottest young vocal talents and also boasts percussion skills that have earnt endorsements from Sabian, one of the world’s leading cymbal manufacturers and designers.

Also hailing from Cuba, Solis’ smooth vocals have charmed auditoriums from Havana to Albert Hall, including the sold out show in Cairns in 2017.

The night will feature new mixes off the new album in the Havana Meets Kingston series.

Havana Meets Kingston Sound System play Tanks Arts Centre on October 24.

Tickets available through Ticketlink

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