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Hell Awaits @ Holloways

Holloways Beach Sports Club explodes to life this Sunday, August 10 in the very first instalment of Hell Awaits @ Holloways.

Starved of original live music outside of the CBD, this monthly music extravaganza aims to feature the best in local bands of the hard rock/ heavy/ punk and alternative genres, giving Northern Beaches music lovers the opportunity to listen to live entertainment without the hassle of getting to and from town.

hell awaitsLive music seems to be on the upswing in the Far North, with an increase in the number of touring bands coinciding with the recent development of several exciting new bands on the local front, with the debut Hell Awaits featuring a blend of established original bands and exciting up and comers.
Management of the club say the monthly gig is aimed at giving further opportunity to original bands to play in front of an audience and have their music heard as opposed to regular pub style gigs that feature cover bands.

They have enlisted a strong contingent of local talent to launch the event, with Salacious, Sworf, Meat Bikini and Odium promising to lay the platform for what is hoped will be a longstanding outlet for non -mainstream bands.

Busses operate regularly from the City and Smithfield, dropping you off at the front gate to the Sports Club.

In another innovative move, music will start at 3 pm on the afternoon, running through until approximately 7 pm, meaning you can have an afternoon session and still be home at a reasonable hour.

Kris Peters

Approximate set times: Odium 3 pm – 3.40 pm
Sworf 4 pm – 4.40 pm
Meat Bikini 5 pm – 5.40 pm
Salacious 6 pm – 6.45 pm
Entry is free