Mofo June Banner 2014

MOFO – 28th June

MOFO returns to the German Club once again, for a visceral melting pot of live music, live art, dead souls, and wounded livers.
Saturday 28th June, will feature the following acts:

A true Cairns institution, Chris Oakshott has notoriety as both a solo artist and as a full band. His mix of indie and folk songs always have a catchy hook and a sly wink.

Rum, Forest Rum
Pop/punk guys fresh from the East Coast Madness Tour

Context & Jimmy Flipshyt
Cairns and Canberra hip-hop legends come together to drop some dope tracks. including songs from their brand new album, due out later this year.

Benny & The Clones
From Port Douglas, via Melbourne. Imagine throwing the Go Betweens and the Flaming Lips into a Caged Wrestling Death Match. They don’t sound like that at all… I just got side-tracked.

DJ Paul Rudd
The creator of the “nope scratch”, the ever innovative Rudd will be hitting both “Play” and “pause” on multiple ipods.

Plus visual installations by Poly Gone Cowboy
Former Cairns artists and Mofo royalty Sam Tupou and Ania Ganowicz have opened shop in their new screen printing studio and tshirt shop in Fortitude Valley as “Poly Gone Cowboy”

To celebrate, Sam has compiled some psychadelic meets pop art video loops to play as a visual background throughout the night at the German Club.

Yep, you heard me – Wil (you’ll know him from Jobstopper) is dropping some comedy gold on your ear-holes with his stand-up comedy routine.

Doors / Bar / Food from 6:30pm

Bands from 7pm

57 Winkworth St, Bungalow (The German Club)

How many hundred crisp bills shall this cost?, I hear you ask….

nay, poor wayward soul – the dowry is a mere $10