MOFO – German Club

MOFO occupies the German club this Saturday night the 29th of March. Joel shares some info about MOFO and the gig..

MOFO tries to provide avenues for independent bands, and particularly original bands, who are deemed too ‘weird’ or uncommercial for the cover band circuit. Because of this the events are always interesting and pretty unique. Anything and everything: punk, new wave, grunge, metal, hip hop, stoner, no wave, indie, rock n roll, funk, soul, folk, underground artnoise, – all genres of music as long it’s from the heart! Along with the performance and music aspect of the events we also promote local and travelling artists.

On the latest gig we will have:-

Jason Wegger (painter, street artist, video artist) displaying visual art displays as a backdrop to the music.

Tectonic are also known as Swamp Donkey, and feature members of Kickback, Sancho panza, Beached Kennedys, and Violet Shift. Their sound is a swampy grunge and new wave hybrid with inspiration from the Cure and the Birthday Party.

The Dialers are a funk, dub and hip hop party featuring members and collaborators of Beat Basement, Hot Rubber Glove and Souvenir City.

Peyote are groove rock and stoner rock boys from cairns. This Mofo gig will pretty much be spot on 3 years to the day that they played their debut gig supporting good pals jobstopper for their ep launch at the panda room so they will be  treating it as a birthday type celebration gig.

The area dj paul rudd is a small white plastic device with a button that says ‘shuffle’.

Meat Bikini – are unapologetic for the pain they cause

The German Club is located at 57 Winkworth st Cairns. Doors open 7pm. Licensed bar. $10 Entry.