MOFO cairns live music

MOFO Live at the Balaclava – Sat 13th Sept

***MOFO (mutants orbiting foul Orion) proudly presents:***

DJ Paul Rudd

+++ Launch of AUX zine #6
+++ launch of some new zine work from Jason Wegger
+++ Artworks from Mr. Wegger on display
+++ Plus visuals of awesome proportions from Craig Middleton

LIve at Balaclava Hotel
Sat 13th September , from 7pm
$10 Entry, licensed bar

Hello muddah, hello faddah, here I am at camp granada.
That’s right, Mofo are stepping out Earlville style at the Blalaclava Hotel on Saturday 13th September.

We’re bringing along our usual bunch of musical chums and art-buddies to make a special night of sounds and visuals to soil your brains and pants.

Swamp Donkey
deliver a mish-mash of grunge,  punk and swamp rock featuring songs from the likes of the Scientists, Tom Waits, Nirvana and the Cure; along with a hefty dose of original numbers. They all share the same house and use a firepole to exit swiftly before each gig.

You Two
Are two former chess club competitors and founding members of a gospel folk chorus, expelled when their dirty little penchant for the devil’s music came to light.
They’ve toured a number of times as stand-in members of Aerosmith (that number, unfortunately, being zero) and are playing Mofo as friends and family have banned them from touching their instruments at home. You Two’s songs sound like smacked-out Staley-penned tunes that Jerry Cantell rejected as being, well, crap. Elevator grunge. An excellent band to come on when you need a toilet break. But with good personal hygiene.

are all over the North Queensland music scene at the moment, spraying out hot sticky globs of ska bliss into your waiting ears. Bow to their sound. Nod at their rhythms. Click your fingers to their sound-activated bed-lamps.

Rum, Forest, Rum
are the youngsters on this bill (well everyone’s young compared to Justin). They bring the noise with as much enthusiasm and drive as all the other withered, jaded corpses being propped up by their own mic stands. The Rumsters are a pop/punk power house of party-time music fun and other words starting with p, such as prowess, princess and perpendicular.

DJ Paul Rudd
is the former in-house DJ for the cast of Fantasy Island and most recently featured in the reality tv show “hey, that’s my byson!”

On the art and visual side of things for the evening we’re over the moon to have our old sparring partner Jason Wegger back on the scene. Jason is a artist with skills to pay the bill. He will be launching a zine on the night, along with displaying some of his works during the evening.

We are also doubly-excited that our long-time chum and collaborator Craig Middleton is back in the driving seat on some awesome projected visuals that will serve as a backdrop to the musical funtimes that will ensue.

Apart from Mr. Wegger’s zine, there will also be 2 other zines availabe on the night, including Aux Zine #6 and a brand spanking new publishing effort form papa-zine Mr. Wally W. Wallwork.

All the fun, music and smiles kick off form 7pm. Entry is $10.

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