mofo live music cairns, german club 21st march 2015

Mofo Live at The German Club, Sat 21st March

Mofo (mostly occult fungal orbs) and Banana Republik proudly present for your aural pleasure:
Live musical awesomeness from these likely rapscallions:
The Taste
Swamp donkey
Benny and The Clones
Jeremiah Johnson

As well as some truly oar-inspiring* DJ sets from everyone’s 5th favourite beat-abuser – DJ Paul Rudd
* he loves a good kayaking

“Hold up, my pants just exploded in goo!” – I hear you say, but keep those sanitary napkins on ice for another minute, as there will be excitement sprays au-go-go with the announcement that …

There will also be a mini exhibit on the night by MYSTIK FOGG INVOKATOR
Known to his mother as Jason, and to his bank manager as “Old 1 Coin”, Mr. Invokator will be exhibiting some of his latest work that is sure to amaze, possibly mayonnaise, and definitely corn maize.

OK, now have a team of scientists hose you down, and  grab those backup y-fronts out of your side-draw because to top it all off we can proudly announce that there will also be visual treats throughout the night, curated by Craig “all charges dropped” Middleton.

And why not grab yourself one of the new Mofo T-Shirts while you’re here. No really, I need the cash.

mofo sat 21st march german club

Live at The German Club, 57 Winkworth St, Cairns
Saturday 21st March / from 6pm

Food / Bar / Door: 6pm  •  Music starts: 7pm
Best of Cold Chisel Interpretational Dance Jam:
6:58pm – 7:00pm

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