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MOFO Live at German Club

Be prepared for Saturday 6th June, as some of Cairns’ favourite sons and daughters will be picking, plucking, stroking and thumping away at their chosen instruments – all in the name of entertaining you and your loved ones.

But hold up, your worried about getting thirsty right? Well wake up to yourself asshole, it’s at a bar, durghhhhhhhhh. There’ll be plenty of beer and other tasty liquid-based refreshments on site! I’ve tasted some of them myself and I can confirm that they’re pleasant. FOOOD! Yeah, you heard me. There’s food there. It tastes good. It’s German in origin and delicious in flavour. If you wanted to really live on the edge what you could do is listen to the live music, sip the liquids and munch the food at the same time. Now there’s some multi-tasking right there.

Speaking of Live music, here’s a brief dossier on what to expect (please burn this computer after reading):

DJ Paul Rudd – disgusting

Crowmobe – Their Triple J Unearthed page describes them as Rock. But I think they’re being modest. I would add “and Roll”.

This aint the Rock that your nanny used to listen to though, this is that gritty pub yobbery that all good Aussie Rock revels in. If Bon Scott was still alive he would scream “help! get me out of this box, I can’t breathe goddamnit!”

Gypsy – New to the Cairns music scene, bringing them hippity hopping rap dancing singalongs that Bob Manning loves like a step-child. These rhymes are on point, sucker MCs beware!

Swamp Donkey – Picture Coldplay. Then punch a hole through that picture and spit on it, and get out of my house.  Wait come back I was joking, hey can you get the mail while you’re out there.  These guys bring Swampy Grunge-gaze / Andrew Gaze / Garage-Shoe to the table, and then kick it over.

Meat Bikini – Take the bests bits of the Cosmic Psychos and Mudhoney, and the meatiest bits of your uncle’s BBQ, then drizzle them in tomato sauce. Its a nice to day have some beetroot. NQ Hardcore punk pioneers, always ready to fuzz some brown notes down your gullet.

Mod Cons – A favourite staple of all underground musos and music lovers in Cairns. You know you’ll be getting a good gig when Mod Cons are involved. Think Frank Black and Johnny Thunders shooting up in David Bowie’s kitchen with the swagger of a  kinky scientist.

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Swamp Donkey pic courtesy of Pappi-razzi

Raoul Douche

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