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MOFO Live at the Railway Hotel

Greetings live music fans!

October is going to be a big month for music – what with new releases from Janet Jackson, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer and Rod Stewart; it’s hard to decide which direction to throw the lighter fluid in.

On the local level it’s also a busy October for Mofo and live music in Cairns. 2 Mofo gigs in the one month? Oh boy oh boy, someone start a slow clap.

The first aforementioned Mofo gig for October, is on Saturday 3rd October at the Railway Hotel.

It’s Mofo’s first collaboration with the RH, so hopes are high, times are exciting, and strawberries are in season.

Saturday 3rd of October, features a mixed bag of varying styles and (that dreaded word) genres.

Get What you Pay For
The latest band from Brendon Pineda, whom you will remember from both Rum, Forest, Rum and Future of a Different Past. I’ve not had a chance to see this band play yet, but judging by their pedigree I would suggest to expect pop punk crossed with border collie.

Uncle Toby
Has Warts. Wait .. I misread my shorthand… Uncle Toby is a stalwart of the FNQ hip-hop scene. Collaborating with Beat Basement Records, the Jungle Funk Trio and having releasing 2 stellar solo albums – this fella is more than just a healthy breakfast. He’s boom bap brunch and bagles to boot!

King Palmer
The KPeezeys have been shovelling their gritty form of rock / metal down North Queensland’s gullet for nigh on 6 years. Their album 12/12/12 tore razor cuts across eyeballs and dipped them in wasabi. Saturday’s performance will be sure to do the same.

Roscoe-Lee Browne plays the Talkin Country Blues
Browne is the current moniker of Derek Tipper. His performance of Cherry Tree Creek saw him perform in places like Cairns’ Centre of Contemporary Arts and Brisbane’s Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. So it’s only fitting that Derek continues his cultural journey at The Railway Hotel.  This shall be a powerful performance,  best to wear 2 layers of underdurps.

Fresh from their sojourn to Melbourne with Sisters Doll, local thrashers Odius are match-fit and ready to lay the onslaught down once again. Cairns is brimming with great live music of late – so it’s testament to these guys that they still manage to stand out with the most consistent track record in  delivering awesome shows.

(Odius pic courtesy of Nico Liengme)

DJ Paul Rudd
swallows bugs.

Doors open at 6pm / Music is from 7pm. Cost: $10

All entry fees go to the bands – so come and drop your cash to give a solid nod and cheers to sustaining original talent in Cairns.

Or alternatively just stay home, watch 8 episodes of the Big Bang Theory, and neck yourself.

Raoul Douche

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