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On Like Donkey Kong the 4th

A long time again, in a pub not so far away, lived a series of sunday sesh gigs at The Jack that generally ensured everybody’s Monday sucked at work. That series of gigs came to be known as “On Like Donkey Kong”

It’s been a few years since the last one, but like the great John Farnham himself they are bringin it back from the dead for one last time…

Andy Parkinson from Peyote explains.. “Uh i guess Donkey Kongs are a series of Sunday Sessions we’ve put on with the jack over the years with the first one being over 3 years ago.

Hungry Lungs Jobstopper & Peyote have never all been on the same bill before. Its something We’ve talked about doing together for ages so thought reviving Donkey Kong would be a good way to finally make it happen.

They’ve always been really fun laid back shows & its a good way to thank all our mates for there support by being able to offer free entry For em.

There’s gonna be Reef & Rainforest day trip giveaways on the day. Punters can share the event on their facebook page and let us know they did to gain an entry into the raffle or buy a ticket on the day. Gus is also chucking on a foam pit for the day.

Also its Peyotes 4th birthday as a gigging band coming up this month so also treating it as a holy shit we’re still together all these years later celebration type thang.”

Will Stopper Carroll from Jobstopper had this to say about their involvement “We’ve been working hard on our album, Donkey Kong will mark the first gig of the year we play where we’ve ramped it up a notch! 2015 is going to be a big year for us, we’re going kick things into turbo charge and start making a lot more music and playing a whole bunch more”

Sounds like a sterling afternoon of live n local original music.

Sunday March the 8th – 3 bands, Free entry & drink specials on the day, get down to The Jack for a local live music fix.


Hungry Lungs (slacker garage rock)
Jobstopper (ska punk)
Peyote (Heavy groove rock)

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