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Sit Ubu Sit Record Launch at Elixir

Everyone’s 11th favourite Cairns indie band Sit Ubu Sit are launching their 12″ Record at Elixir Music House this Friday 11th November from 7pm.

If you’ve kept your ear to the ground in recent years then please consult your doctor as you may have a mild infection. Likewise, you may also be aware of Sit Ubu Sit. They’ve made a name for themselves (out of various letters and syllables) and have been know to cause some feet to tap. One one occasion a bar owner approached the stage mid-set and begged them to stop… so y’know…. swing and roundabouts.

It’s been a long time coming but the 20minutes of indie tunes (with mixing duties by Mikey Young) are ready to be enjoyed* by the public now.

*This is relative to the tastes of the audience, derision may also be a suitable response.

To celebrate the launch, the 3 Ubu gentlemen have persuaded / hoodwinked 2 other accomplished bands to join them on the night:
Wasabi Barbie; and Heffa Lump
Doors open at 7, with bands kicking off from 7.27pm.
Entry is $10 Entry (Bring Cash – there’s no EFTPOS on the door!)

Good news…. it’s BYO (corkage fees apply – reasonably priced and the bar staff keep your drinks cold for you – boy oh boy what a deal!)

DJ Paul Rudd will also be on hand to drop sets of stone cold bangers in-between the live acts.

When asked what the crowd should expect on Friday night, the guys from Sit Ubu Sit let out a barely audible, long, deep grunting noise and then handed me a drawing of a fish eating a sandwich.

They then proceeded to stroke my hair and try and communicate to me in a language that I can only describe as ‘broken simian’. I subsequently arose from my banana lounge and proceeded to ever so slowly back away towards to air-lock. Once I felt the cold steel of the pressure release handle, I furiously and rapidly turned it escaped from the submarine into a nearby waiting helicopter.

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