Florian Hoefner

The Florian Hoefner Group

Since their formation in New York City five years ago, the Florian Hoefner Group has constantly been evolving their unique brand of modern jazz, winning fans and critics around the globe with their creativity, virtuosity, and captivating live performances.

Led by pianist Florian Hoefner, the quartet combines highly inventive writing with electrifying improvisations and interplay.

For their Cairns appearance on Friday the 31st of May, Florian Hoefner re-unites with his former Manhattan School of Music classmate and Australian National Jazz Awards winner, Mike Rivett, (who is well known on the Cairns jazz scene), on tenor saxophone.

The rhythm section is made up of Hoefner’s long-time companions, Melbourne based Sam Anning on bass and NYC based Peter Kronreif on drums who have both made their marks in the bands of artists like Kenny Werner, Cyrille Aimée and Alan Harris.

Florian’s award-winning compositions draw from a myriad of influences from folk to contemporary classical music, appealing to a wide span of music fans and jazz lovers alike.

After three successful albums, over 100 live dates all over the globe, airplay on radio stations across the US, Canada and Europe, and reviews in major publications in North America and Europe, they’ve been described as “the real deal” by Jazz Journal (UK) and as a “total experience” by the New York Jazz Record.

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