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UMI Arts – 10th Year Anniversary

UMI Arts will once again present its widely anticipated Big Talk One Fire Indigenous Cultural Festival in Cairns, on Saturday 1 August 2015.

A free, family-friendly event where Indigenous culture explodes with the drumming of the Island Drum, sound of Clap Sticks, tunes of musicians and an array of arts and crafts.

For more than 6 hours, audiences will experience the best of the regions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians, bands, food, arts and crafts, as well as contemporary and traditional performances at this annual celebration.

Held in Cairns’ best open-aired entertainment venue, Fogarty Park, the Big Talk One Fire Indigenous Cultural Festival will showcase and share the wealth of talent and diversity of Indigenous peoples and communities from Far North Queensland.

Audiences will be treated to an assortment of performances including Traditional dancing included performances by acclaimed Torres Strait Island dance troupe, Gerib Sik. The festival will also showcase a wide variety of acts which include Black Image, Sean Choolburra, Warrigan Band, Kawadji Wimpa (Lockhart River), Zennith Boyz, SK Boiiz, Barry Cedric, Cold Water Band, Dulkan Band and more.

Headlining 5-piece from Cooktown, Black Image, is recognised as one of the bands that has led the way for many Far North Queensland Indigenous musicians. The band of brothers has performed together as Black Image since 1997 however were playing with their father’s band long before that.

Deadly Award winners with multiple albums under their belt, Black Image have extensive experience in the music industry which shines through in their performances. An energetic fusion of country, rock, reggae and blues, Black Image are a crowd favourite and always get the audience dancing.

“We are excited to be performing at the Big Talk One Fire event again, especially as this year’s event is celebrating UMI Arts’ 10th anniversary. Since it’s a milestone year our performance will be extra deadly” says Cliff Harrigan from Black Image.

UMI Arts is once again welcoming back a man of many talents, Sean Choolburra, as MCee for the event. Sean is an accomplished comedian, Didgeridoo player, dancer and performer known for his comedic timing, tongue-in-cheek humour and moves that could outshine professional dancers.

Sean Choolburra who has been described as “Will Smith meets Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”, has carved out a niche as Australia’s number 1 Indigenous entertainer. Hailing from North Queensland, Sean Choolburra has performed at many high level venues events, Sydney Opera House, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, NRL Footy Show and the Dreaming Festival to name just a few.

Also performing at the event, after recently taking out of the coveted title of Winners at the biannual 2015 Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, are the Kawadji Wimpa Dancers from Lockhart River. Having just returned home to the east coast of Cape York with the renowned Festival Shield for the second consecutive time the very large dance team have reclaimed their position on top. Known for their large numbers, theatrical performances and strong history, this group hold audiences spell-bound at each performance.

A vital element of this annual Festival is the Indigenous art and craft stalls that frame the park. Annually over 30 Indigenous artists, cultural practitioners and entrepreneurs showcase their works for sale at the pop-up market stalls. A huge array of items can be found at the markets including vibrant paintings, clothing and accessories to fine art and one of a kind pieces, there is something for everyone.

The market stalls provide visitors and locals with the opportunity to meet the artist and learn about each piece which they have created. An important aspect of the pop-up market stalls is the support it provides to Indigenous entrepreneurs in showcasing their works to a wide audience as well as assisting with economic growth and sustainability. Shoppers can enjoy meeting new people whilst listening to music in the open air shopping village.

With a line-up boasting some of the best established and emerging musicians, performers and artists from the region, the UMI Arts Big Talk One Fire Indigenous Cultural Festival is not to be missed.
UMI Arts, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is the peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. Membership based, UMI Arts’ members are all First Nations Peoples with a traditional blood-line connection to the region. This annual Festival will feature UMI Art s members from afternoon until evening.

For more information on this event visit www.umiarts.com.au or 4041 6152.

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