Zilch band Innisfail

Zilch – Last Show’s

Innisfail band Zilch is calling it quits after 4 years gigging. According to Zilch main man Tony Alcock¬†¬†“The members have moved to different towns like townsville and cairns for work and family reasons, so it just makes it too hard to practice week in and out like all good bands should to put on a great show. We are having three farewell shows, the first is at the Union Jack in Cairns on sat the 19th of july and the other two will be announced after the Jack show. We have 6 acts to support us at the Jack gig, Sworf, Greta Stanley, Apollo Grimez, Solemn Prophets, Seed Of Aether and Grilla Division. There will be non stop entertainment on the night with two stages running tit for tat!!”

Where: The Union Jack Hotel Cairns
Time: Doors 7pm
Cost:$10 entry