The Al Boulton Band

There’s a party at the disco as Townsville’s “Most glamourous band” gets ready for a run of shows and a new album. Todd Macalpine investigates the Al Boulton Band, and asks the man himself a few questions.

TM:- What inspired you to start a disco band in Townsville?

AB:- My love for disco music started long ago. I just write in that style, it does not matter where I am living. I find that the crowds here warm the disco style when they come to my show.

TM:- What was the inspiration behind the curiously named song “Bang Bang Macau”?

AB:- I had a resident gig in a Macau Casino/Hotel (Macau is the biggest gambling city in the world, located between Hong Kong and China). It was an interesting mix of cultures and a very different world. The place inspired the song and album ‘Bang Bang Macau’. After hearing the song once, a punter said to me, “Something happened to you there!”, I guess he was right. The album and song was a cathartic experience for me after Macau. Although I am proud of Bang Bang Macau, I have moved on now. Writing songs for my new album, its the music that I really wanted to create. This new album will be finished this year and is an accurate representation of what my band now plays.

TM:- Your bass playing has a profoundly disco/funk vibe to it, who are your influences?

AB:- Bass players Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller. Bands like KC & the Sunshine Band, Jamiroquai, Incognito. I listen to a lot of groovy music from the 70’s that not many people would know, rare disco, funk and acid jazz. I’m always seeking rare groove music from the 70’s that I have not heard before. This give me inspiration, I’m picking up where they left off in the 70’s, so many good styles that are not played by bands anymore but funky as hell and gets the crowd moving.

TM:- So whats on the near horizon for the Al Boulton Band?

AB:- For gigs: We are playing the Diva Gala Dinner at the Court House Theater Sat May 17th, Disco Desire at the Herbert Hotel Fri 30th May, Palm Creek Folk Festival Mountain Stage Headlining Fri 6th June. Other than that we are finishing off our next album.

Film Clip for “Party At The Disco”

The Al Boulton Band are:-
Al Boulton- Lead vocals, bass & guitar
Lutalo Kyingi- Keyboards
Richard Juszczyk- Drums
Brendon Layman- Guitar
Madonna Davies- Backing/Lead vocals
Sarah Eaglesham- Backing vocals
Debbie Naude- Backing vocals, dancer