Alby is a young Cairns born and bred musician who has spent some years in Sydney studying and performing. Now returned to the north, his original mix of old and new along with his unique vocal style is gaining him attention. NQ Music’s Gawain Barker caught up with him at his recent headline spot for In/Off Club at Arthouse.

NQ Music – Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your music?

ALBY – I’m a singer songwriter, sometimes producer of my own works and I make alternative folk roots R’n’B, electro called it what you will music! I am inspired by neo soul artists – I grew up listening to Eryka Badu & Whitney – great singers my sisters played and then I’d be listening to Neil Young and Joni Mitchell from my dad.

NQ MUSIC – your music seems to have a very cool mix of electronic elements and real strong vocals . Artists like James Blake, Lorde, Chet Faker work in the same kind of territory.

Alby – Thank you for those comparisons. Hiatus Coyote too. Id love that style and I’d love to be lumped in with musicians like them.

NQ MUSIC – Your music has a cinematic feel to it as well. Would you like to write music for shows or soundtracks?

ALBY – Most definitely. I’ve just completed a song for a documentary and that was a liberating experience writing for someone else. I often start off with many minutes of a piece of music and then cut it down to more of a song length. Writing large scale would be great.

NQ MUSIC – You perform in Sydney with a electronic band and you have a drummer live sometimes here in Cairns. Would you like a traditional band set-up?

ALBY – That’s where I kind of grew up and learnt to play in that traditional set-up. I don’t mind it. With the guys in Sydney, they are called Baerfrens, I’m the just vocalist. Here in Cairns I play with Glenn Saggers on drums when our timing is right. Its always a work in progress so I may perform with beats at one time or with Glenn on drums another time. It depends on the gig too. Yeah the band thing can be problematic at times but collaborating is pretty nice. The Oscillate track on Soundcloud is co-produced with a friend.

FQ MUSIC – You have been writing and producing a fair few tracks. Any news of an album?

ALBY – Yes I’m certainly working on it. But so many tracks still feel like demos to me. I want to refine them and make them better so I may need a producer to help me there.

You can check out Alby’s music and some of his work with Sydney outfit Baerfrens here.