Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone

With their upcoming home tour nearly completely sold out, Australian brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone bring their new album ‘Snow’ to Cairns on Friday 4 May. With tickets already exhausted, the band will perform to a full house at the new Munro Martin Parklands.

Speaking to Angus Stone recently ahead of the Australian Tour, the singer songwriter reminisced about pervious performances in the Far North.

“The times that we’ve been up to play at The Tanks, we’ve headed out to places like Mossman Gorge and the Daintree Rainforest, it’s a pretty magical spot. The whole area is very beautiful and pre-historic in a sense; it feels like you’ve gone back in time.”

With their new album ‘Snow’ peaking at number 2 on the ARIA charts and the single ‘Chateau’ placing at number 3 in the Triple J Hottest 100, the duo have enjoyed a roller coaster of success with appearances all Falls Festival dates and performances all around the world.

“It’s been pretty amazing how the record has been received. We are just very humbled and feel extremely lucky that we can come back home and share our music with Australia. We feel very stoked to be in a position to do what we love.”

Approaching this album in a different direction, for the first time the siblings decided to collaborate entirely on the writing process and record everything themselves at Angus’ Bryon Bay property after a suggestion from Rick Rubin (who produced their 2014 self-titled release).

“This record was very new for us in the way that Julia and I wrote the songs. In the past we had written separately and bought them to the table near the end to add elements on. This time we wrote together right from the start. It was us in the studio putting both our heads and our focus into it. The space we were recorded in was very open and has lots of nature around, and I think you can feel that in the music.”

“Like any working relationship you have to figure out when to be headstrong or step back into your space. All those things we are constantly figuring out when you get older. With making records you’re constantly learning. I think this record was a very pleasant experience and we didn’t butt heads too much. There was a lot of synergy that we’d been looking for a long time.”

With a big year of touring ahead and many different projects the members are involved with, Angus explained a more organic approach to future musical endeavours beyond 2018.

“We you finish up big tours and album releases, you tend to get back home and just hit the reset button for a while. At the moment I’m building a motocross track on my property with my digger. For me when I get off tour, thats all I’m thinking about (laughter), and just having some time out. Then when you get the bug again to hit record, whether it is just myself or with Julia or Dope Lemon, then you see what happens.”

Angus & Julia Stone perform at Munro Martin Parklands in Cairns on Friday 4 May. Doors open 5pm. Show starts 7pm. Support by Angie McMahon. Tickets are sold out.

Angus & Julia Stone perform at Townsville Entertainment Centre on Wed 2 May. Tickets available from the venue.

Mitch Sullivan

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