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Benny & The Clones – Crisis Management

Fans of the Port Douglas band can rejoice as they have just released their new album “Crisis Management”. We caught up with guitarist Dale Priem to get the low down on the new album..

“We were inspired by all those stories of bands sequestering themselves in remote cabins in the hills to record some of our favourite albums, so we got together at a mate’s little B’n’B on the Tablelands called Cadaghi cottage, lugged our recording gear in and converted it to an impromptu recording studio for the weekend. The meat and bones of the album was recorded that one long weekend, and we’ve taken our time adding the finishing touches over the better part of 2019. It’s a real passion project, so we’re never in a rush to get recordings finished – it all happens pretty organically over time.”

It’s been 4 years since Benny & The Clones released their self titled debut album, so what kind of evolution can listeners expect? Dale explains..

“It’s a step up from the last album as far as the production is concerned, so we’re really stoked with the sound. Musically it’s pretty diverse and generally speaking a bit more chilled out than the previous album, but there’s a few rockers in there to mix things up”

There has been a notable absence of a launch party announcement, fear not..

“We had a bloody great time hosting an album launch in Port Douglas last time we released our self-titled effort. We got a few of our mates involved and made a mini-festival out of it, so we’re thinking of doing the same thing again for this album in the near future as an ‘official’ launch. We’ve been honored to support some great touring acts lately like Eskimo Joe and the Hoodoo Gurus, but we’re looking forward to putting on our own show”

And what exactly is the songwriting process behind a Benny & The Clones album?

“The lion’s share of the songwriting duties is shouldered by frontman Ben Radford, but there’s a few band efforts on this album. The Clones wouldn’t be the Clones without the driving force of Radford’s creative energy, but at the same time it’s a really rewarding experience when friends get together and create songs like Whitewash or Help as a group effort”

Crisis Management is out NOW on all digital platforms, and CDs can be purchased from the guys at gigs.

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Check out a sample of the track below:-

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