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Bigfoot Mafia – Home Sweet Nowhere

Bigfoot Mafia have just released their debut album “Home Sweet Nowhere”

NQ Music Press had a quick catch up with singer/bassist Rob Bryant:-

“The band recorded the album with Kris Hutchinson from Balcony TV Cairns. We hired Kuranda Amphitheatre Understage for a day, set up the instruments, cranked them up and hit record, pretty much. No click tracks, no studio polishing. It was important for us that the album sounds as close to our live shows as possible. We want people to be able to take home an album and have it sound just like it did when they heard it live. The vocals were tracked separately back at Kris’ place, as well as a couple of little overdubs here and there for some bum notes from the bass and guitar, but most of the album (including 100% of the drums) is essentially live, exactly as played on the day”

Asked about the bands influences, Rob enthused “The bands influences come from a variety of genres, but mostly hard rock, classic rock and grunge. Each member has slightly different musical tastes, so although we do like a lot of the same things, each member brings something slightly different to the table and we melt it all together to create the Bigfoot Mafia sound”

And what about that curious album title? “The album name is actually the name of track 9 from the album, which is the first song we wrote together as a band. The song highlights issues of homelessness and domestic violence which affects hundreds of thousands of Australians every day. Home Sweet Nowhere is having no place to call home. No space where you can truly feel safe. It’s a feeling most of us have dealt with at some stage in our lives, and so we hope that the name will resonate with people and help them to connect with the album”

And what’s next for Bigfoot Mafia? “If we manage to survive this Queensland tour without going broke or insane, we’ll be looking at touring NSW, VIC and SA next year. The first 2 songs we released off the album earlier this year have received radio play in every state except the NT so far, so we want to try and get out to those areas and do some live shows. We also have a couple of new songs that we want to record and possibly release as singles next year while we start writing album number 2”

You can stream or buy the album here:-

The tour kicks off Thursday night at the Port Douglas Yacht Club. We’re playing 7 dates across Queensland all up.

Sep 6th – Port Douglas Yacht Club
Sep 7th – Cairns German Club
Sep 8th – Ross Island Hotel Townsville
Sep 9th – Langfords Hotel Mackay
Sep 13th – Hervey Bay Hotel
Sep 14th – Prince Of Wales Hotel Nundah
Sep 16th – Goleby’s Basement Ipswich

Todd Macalpine

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