Cinnamon Sin

Cinnamon Sin

Cinnamon Sin is a relatively new 5 piece Cairns based band who formed after meeting at a festival in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland in early 2014. They combine elements of Velvety blues, gypsy folk and sexy shanties with a hint of jazz.

Fusing luscious, deep vocals, sultry saw, gypsy folk guitar, accordion, keys and blues harp bound together with a joyful beat, Cinnamon Sin create a musical journey through love, innuendo, passion, heartbreak and happiness. I caught up with vocalist Brealyn Sheehan and saw player Julia Fujita ahead of their MOFO show on the 16th of Aug at the German Club in Winkworth st.

Having caught the band at an Arthouse show recently, I was wondering if there were any recorded output I could get my hands on, Julia replied “We’d love to record next year. At the moment we’re working on writing and developing our sound further and we want to do a lot of gigging to build a supporting audience for our music first. We want to take all the elements of our act: the sound, lyrics, visual style etc and melt them all together to deliver a fun, cheeky show that’s fresh, spicy, and a little bit dark, and then bottle this… so when we are ready to hit the studio we’ll be serving up something delicious! People can keep track of what we’re up to on our Facebook page

Julia Fujita satiated my curiosity about where the Cinnamon Sin band name came from with “We had a lot of ideas for band names, and lots of thought, discussion and wine lead us to Cinnamon Sin. We wanted to capture a feeling that was a little naughty, sultry, spicy and luxurious to reflect the sounds we making.”

Anyone seeing Cinnamon Sin for the first time will be struck by big bluesy voice of Brea, and the theremin like sound of Julia playing a saw with a bow. When I asked where the inspiration to play such an unusual instrument came from Julia offered “I wanted to be on the cutting Edge! I first saw/heard the saw in an awesome French movie called Delicatessen… I practised on my own until 2012 when I join Secret Tuesdays, (a great Girl Band from Kuranda). It took me a few years, and I’m still in the process of defining how I want to use the sound in an atmospheric way. I see the saw as halfway between a sound effect and an actual instrument. I like to keep it in the background mostly and then have a counter-melody in the right place. My approach to music is 100% intuitive… that’s why playing with such a fun and talented bunch in Cinnamon Sin is giving me the chance and freedom to explore my sound further. I’m not at the stage of being a soloist, but the fact that I’m breaking ground with an unusual instrument is exciting and the potential unknown!”

Brealyn Sheehan’s vocals have an earthiness that fits well in the Cinnamon Sin sonic cannon “I was fortunate to learn a variety of instruments as a child, and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved to sing, but mostly hiding in my bedroom. I finally realised that my voice is my preferred instrument, and decided to take to the stage and sing in public about 18 months ago at open mic’s in the city, local festivals etc. We (Cinnamon Sin) met last year at Wallaby Creek Festival, then we kept running into each other, and one thing lead to another, we had a few jams, found a cheeky energy between us and became a band. Making music in this band with these amazing people inspires me, and gives me the chance to use my voice in a lush playful way. Julia, Wayne, Phil and Darren are all creative musicians, and I love experimenting with the way our different instruments sound together.” explained Brea.

Cinnamon Sin play the MOFO show at Cairns German Club on Saturday 16th August. Julia says punters can expect “A sultry little set of seductive songs ranging from covers of older bluesy songs to modern gypsy, jazzy folk and some originals dripping with desire and innuendo. We suggest inviting someone you love or are lusting-after onto the dance floor for maximum enjoyment.”

Todd Macalpine
Photo by Srianjali Gunasena

Who:- Cinnamon Sin, Jimmy Flypshit, Odium, Jimmy The One
Where:- MOFO Cairns German Club – 57 Winkworth st Cairns
When:- Saturday 16th August from 6.30
Cost:- $10