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Em Joy – Golden Soul

Speewah’s own songstress Em Joy has recently dropped another gem into the ocean of FNQ’s musical talent. “Golden Soul” is the latest single released by the Zimbabwean born artist early this March. Em Joy has spent most of 2015/16 in her treehouse in Speewah writing and composing for the likes of EMI Australia, and working on her two latest singles “Home” and more recently “Golden Soul”.

NQ Music Press caught up with Em Joy for a quick Q/A about her new release.

The tree house studio sounds intriguing, tell us more..

My partner Matt and I live in a quaint two bedroom treehouse in Speewah that oozes character. It’s not exactly built in a tree but the way its been angled into the hillside leaves you face to face with the tops of the jungle trees; hence the treehouse feel. Matt has turned the second bedroom into a studio complete with vocal booth, at least a dozen instruments and a beautiful wooden stand up desk where all all his technical gear is set up. My last two singles have been recorded and produced in the afore mentioned treehouse studio as a collaboration between Matt and I (Some vocals had to be recorded with in Mark Myers studio due to excessive cicada noise; the adventures of living in the tropics!)

Your partner Matt is a musician and artist in his own right, can you tell us a bit about how you and Matt work together?

Matt and I have a pretty smooth work flow together. We’ve produced a few gems in the last year both of individual origin (either his or my ‘song’ e.g. my singles ‘Home’ and Golden Soul’) and collaborative composing. I tend to focus on the lyrics and melody while Matt fills in the gaps and essentially puts some really juicy meat on the bones. I’ll often step in to hear the latest development and lose myself a bit in what he’s come up with. We definitely compliment each other creatively.

How did the track “Golden Soul” come about?

“Golden Soul’ initially began as a little ditty I sang out to Matt from the couch one day. I love lyrics and stringing things together so it was easy to let the little love song flow on. I didn’t really see it as one of my stronger tunes, but Matt loved it so we ended up in the studio and I am so glad we did! So I guess in light of that the lyrics are very much directed towards Matt. A poetic musing, a savouring of who I see in him , a real enjoyment of his person and ‘golden’ soul; a little lighthearted tribute.

Is it destined for an album?

It hasn’t yet been intended for an album, but it may be added to a collection in the future. I’m really enjoying dropping singles. Its almost like if you release something on its own it gets heard for what it is and enjoyed as a work of art a little more intently than as part of an album. I will, I’m sure do albums in the future and I really appreciate artists creating like that so you have a package of gems, but I am really enjoying single city at this current stage.

I hear you are working with EMI, that’s kind of a big deal!

EMI has been such a cool opportunity! Matt and I have had contact with EMI Australia who really likes our style and have picked out three of our songs to add to their up coming folky production music album. I wrote two of them and Matt wrote the third one. Matt produced them in our treehouse studio and the album should be released some time in the next couple of months. EMI have been so lovely to work with and their feedback and guidance have been soaked up!

What’s next for Em Joy?

Em Joy may be a little quiet for the rest of the year as Matt and I are working on a new project called Rhodesia. We were both born and grew up in Zimbabwe and have grown up with all the stories of Rhodesia from our folks. The name Rhodesia takes us both to that same, deep, resonating place that music takes us to. We’re really excited to truely blend our strengths of electronic and folk to express that place inside us both. Em Joy will still be around though and there may be another single or two in the works so watch this space!

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Todd Macalpine

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