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Frantic Chats with Hungry Lungs

Confidante of the (local) stars Raoul Douche has an informal chat with Hungry Lungs drumb and drummerer Matt (a.k.a. Budgie). The cocktails and hor d’oeuvres were going down a treat, allowing the conversation to bend and flow with the increasing slurs.

Budgie explains that this is the Lung-bunger’s first adventure back onto a stage since a long hiatus caused by an incident involving some teeth. You see, Budgie was side-lined from the metropolis of Cairns for many months, attacking remote mouths with steele implements.

He’s well-rested and looking forward to turning that attack towards the drums once again. Which brings us to talk of Saturday the 13th December and the Mofo Xmas Party that will transpire at the German Club.

“We’re keen to get back into it again. We’ve got some new material to play, as well as 2 songs that no one’s ever heard before”.
I was curious, if no one has heard them, how does the band know how they go? He stares at me with silent indignation for a few seconds before skulling another Bloody Mary and sighing at the sky.
“As I was saying”, he continues “it’s always good to play a Mofo gig – especially the end of year ones – with all the other awesome bands!”

Hungry Lungs as a band have existed for “2 and a bit years” according to Budgie. But in that time they spent a while “acting like you’re average garage band – not playing gigs, just learning how to write songs”. I assume they ate some food and slept occasionally too, but he suspiciously neither confirms or denies that for me. I scribble “Potential vampire” on the side of my notebook as I smile and nod convincingly at him. I order a second entree of garlic prawns just to be on the safe side.

On the live scene HL (that’s Hungry Lungs, not Heath Ledger) have been gigging Cairns and its surrounds regularly at many different venues including previous Mofos and the Garageland gigs at the Grand. Apart from the aforementioned Budgeriga, the rest of the band consists of Grum (best muttered under your breath for full effect) – Guitar / Vocals, Berto – guitar and Mack – Bass.

Budgula whispers to me that Mack is now known as “Nit” as he is “not quite as good as Flea on bass”. He nudges me in the ribs and winks as he sucks an entire vat of mojito through a 2 metre straw. I didn’t ask how Mack/Nit compared to Flea in regards to copious amounts of heroin abuse, but he looks pretty clean so I would guess he missed out on that mantle too.

Apart from busting out a tasty set of new and old favourites at the Mofo Xmas party, Budweiser tells me that the last copies of their self-titled EP will also be available for sale. The 5 track EP was a welcome edition to the Cairns scene, and was also produced by Cairns’ favourite son Dal Smart. “We’re also doing a few new cover songs, including “Muscle Junkie” by Violent Soho and “She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze”*
*That last one was a typo.

Onto future plans, I ask BudBundy what 2015 holds for the HL’s (that’s Hungry lungs, not Heather Locklear). “Well we’re planning to record a split single with some other schmucks… Mud Pony, um wait no… Marshy Seabiscuit, or something..?, I can’t remember their name. Apart from that – just watch out for us in 2015. We are planning to shatter the musical landscape”. He pauses for effect then giggles for 9 minutes and suddenly slaps the waiter for no good reason.

I take the opportunity to flee from the restaurant, crying and hobbling like a old-timey peasant. I dive into a nearby phone booth. “Giles, Giles listen to me.. call Buffy. We’ve got a problem”

MOFO’s Xmas Party, Live at the German Club.
Saturday 13th December, from 4pm.
More info here

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