Grace Knight

Grace Knight

The 1980’s were blessed by a succession of talented and successful musicians, with artist such as Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Prince leaving a legacy that continues today.

Perhaps another English born Australian artist could be heralded in the same fashion. In the 1980’s the Eurogliders were at the forefront of the Aussie music rebellion, with songs like ‘Heaven (Must Be There)’, ‘We Will Together’ and ‘Can’t Wait to See You’ laying the platform for vocalist Grace Knights’ transformation from Indy Pop princess to Jazz Artist.

It was a dramatic career turn for the singer who had never entertained the thought of singing Jazz music before being asked to play a cameo role and sing on the soundtrack in the 1990 TV series, Come in Spinner. In the years that followed Knight continued down the Jazz path, releasing a number of well received albums, with 2008’s Willow being nominated for an ARIA Music Award that year.

With the release of solo album Keep Cool Fool in 2012 and the impending release of a new Eurogliders album, Knight hits the Tanks this Friday night with a fresh outlook on her life and career.
“I’m recording at the moment,” she explained, putting a new Eurogliders album together so it’s just what I do for a living. I enjoy it; it doesn’t necessarily get me out of bed in the morning but it certainly does stop me from going to bed!!” While all musical roads are laced with potholes and spattered with uncertainty, Knight says that the reward from music is reflective of the amount you put in.
“It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this stage. I’ve worked very, very hard at my career. I get on stage and perform for two hours and hold an audience for that amount of time and that’s not a small task for one person to do. It takes years of practice, it’s not something you can learn to do on X Factor.”

While it would be easy to split Knight’s career into two sections, the Eurogliders of the 80’s and the Jazz since 1990, Knight insists the two paths are both entwined.  “Well it’s as cut dried as you want it to be I guess. I perceive myself as a……. I interpret lyrics. I interpret the words in front of me that I believe you believe, and will be emotionally touched by the way that I interpret that lyric, so my job is simple. I’m a story teller – that’s what I do for a living. Whether I’m interpreting Eurogliders songs or whether I’m interpreting a song that was written 50 years ago the basics of my job is to tell a story so I put a lot of effort into that.”

While her solo Jazz career is a stronger focus for Knight these days, the opportunity to get back to her roots with the Eurogliders is always an attraction. “Yes it’s been ages, but Eurogliders are back on the road again. We’ve got bookings right through to March next year and we’ve been working hard at touring, but we’ve also got a new album out to help promote that tour, which will be out in October.”

When asked if she believes that the Eurogliders still have a place in the Australian music scene, Knight is firm but typically candid.
“Who knows,” she said. “I can only put music out there and hope for the best, which is what we did back then anyway. You never know if you’re going to have a hit album or a hit single. You don’t know what’s going to happen, it just happens. You just have to put it out there…”

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Grace Knight plays at the Tanks this Friday night, August 29 from 7.30 pm. Tickets are $40 or $35 concession and available from Ticket Link or the Tanks

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