In Hearts Wake

In Hearts Wake

Metal bands are known for their anger; their ferocity, and their anarchistic disdain to the world and everything in it, but speaking to Jake Taylor, vocalist for In Hearts Wake you get the feeling that it doesn’t have to be like this. Metal can be more organic and from the heart.

Not saying that In Hearts Wake are on the softer side of heavy, it’s more that this five piece from Byron Bay channels their music from another source.

Hailing from Byron Bay, the band know and are prepared for the challenges that face any emerging metal band, but are confident in their ability and adaptabilty to make their mark on the metal landscape.

“I think per capita, with a country that has 22, 23 million or something people, which is alot of people obviously, but still less than the size of New York City, we have a number of bands doing good things,” Jake stressed. “Parkway Drive, Amity Affliction, Northlane, Dream On Dreamer, there’s quite a big list so I guess it’s not about what we’re doing differently, but more about being true to ourselves, that’s the biggest thing. Not trying to fit into a scene but just being original and independant in that way. We’re from Byron, we love our nature and we love to travel and play music and that’s what we’re about.”

Despite the heaviness and brutality of the music, Jake insists that their sound isn’t relatable to one influence but more a reflection on their past, present, and future.

“We don’t all listen to the same bands,” he said, “that’s the biggest thing. We all listen to very different music so there’s no one band that we want to steal things from, it’s nothing like that at all. Just growing up in the hardcore metal scene from a very young age at 13 and then ten years later it all impacts on us and every band you tour with there’s something. Whether you watch them live or just listen there are things you pick up on and these things change and transform you as a band.”

When asked to describe their sound Jake is a little more forthcoming. “It’s powerful, perhaps epic in terms of layering,” he explained. “We’ve got a bittersweet sort of a feel. It’s uneasy and it’s insulated with lots of catchy hooks and melody. I guess you would say it’s heavy music with a lighter side that keeps it fresh. We’re here to spread a message and see the world!”

While enjoying their current stature and being an important cog in the Australian metal scene, Jake says the band is also mindful of the trap of overshowing your hand and putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. “Goals? No, we have no real goals,” he stated. “Except maybe to go back overseas, that’s probably our only one. A big thing I’ve come to learn in band world is not to set too many goals because then you set yourself up to be disappointed if you don’t meet your expectations. It’s really about enjoying the ride as it comes and hopefully each week you grow and reflect back on how you’ve grown.”

Kris Peters

In Hearts Wake with local band Salacious plus Stories and special guests play North Cairns Tigers AFL Club Thursday, June 26. It is an all ages, licenced show and the first 50 tickets sold will get a special Q & A session with the band. Tix are $23.50 and can be bought through the band website or on the door