Hidden Pillars

Townsville Band Hidden Pillars touch down in Cairns for the first time on Saturday Feb 18th when they play a showcase set at The Panda Room as part of the Boatchella gig. The band released a stunning E.P last year ‘How Did I Get Here?’ which effortlessly floats through the indie, math, and alternative subgenres, while at the same time expertly
infusing flavours of blues and pop into their music. Any fans of bands like Muse, Royal Blood, or even At The Drive In, should check these guys out.

I caught up with Drummer Jayden Bauers ahead of their Panda Room Show who explains why, although the band have always been a 3 piece, they add extra members for live shows..

“Most of our songs do have a few different intertwining guitar parts that help build out the track and we’ve come to consider these parts as a staple to our unique sound. It’s easy enough to lay down each part separately when recording, but it’s impossible to do without another couple of mates joining us for live shows”

Following the success of their ‘How Did I Get Here?’ E.P Hidden Pillars are already working on new material “The new tunes we’re writing still have the same upbeat rhythms, heavy-hitting riffs and distorted guitar leads, but with some different flavours and influences from various bands and genres. We’re focusing on writing songs that are not only fun to listen to, but fun to play live”

Being a relatively young band, I asked Jayden what the best advice someone in the industry had given them that they would pass on to other bands. “Having a definitive understanding of who your band is and who you’re making music for will help you grow immensely. There are SO many parts to writing, recording, releasing and performing music, so understanding the specific image you want to show to your audience will assist in the decision-making process on how you complete all these tasks”

I asked Jayden what we can expect from the Panda Room Show and he enthused; “We’ve been messing around with some setlists from previous shows, trying to figure out what we should bring with us for our first Cairns gig, and we’ve landed on what is probably our favourite mixture of new, old, and unreleased tracks that we’ve ever pulled off live. It’s going to be a massive gig, the Panda Room isn’t going to know what hit it!”

We Can’t Wait!

Hidden Pillars Hit The Panda Room at Big Trev’s Takeaway in Tingira st Portsmith as part of the Boatchella gig on Saturday the 18th Feb, Also on the bill is Finding Time, Benny & The Clones (Port Douglas), Carinda Christie Band, and The Brazilians. Tickets available through Trybooking

Todd Macalpine

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