Hungry Lungs

Hungry Lungs

Todd Macalpine has a quick chat with Matt “Budgie” Moore from Hungry Lungs ahead of their gig at the Arthouse this Friday night..

TM:- Hi Matt, tell me a bit about Hungry Lungs..

MM:- We are a four piece garage rock band, each member puts there on pull into each song and what comes out is a mash of Lo-Fi fuzz, prog, punk, stoner rock with a sprinkle of pop to top it off. We’ve been told our sound has “that early nineties sound”. That’s cool by us, bands from that era like Weezer, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, etc have a sound that we’d gladly be associated with. All that being said we are still very much defining our sound and honing our craft as a writing group, the new sounds coming out are very exciting and pretty different.

TM:-  Have you got any music online the readers can check out?

MM:- We recorded a CD at Studio One in Brimsmead with Dal Smart late last year before we hit the road south for a run of shows. Some of the tracks from that are up on Triple J unearthed right now.

TM:- What plans do you have for the band?

MM:- Right now plans for Hungry Lungs is striving to get quicker working through the writing process and keep our material fresh. Of course we’ll still be playing shows locally, but as well we want to get back down to hang out with some of the bands we met on tour and play with them again. It’s all a balancing act between the real world of 9 to 5 and our musical alter egos.

TM:- Where did the band name come from?

MM:- The band name came from a saying amongst our friends for someone who is a little too quick to light up a smoke.

TM:- How do you see your role in the band?

MM:- My role in the band haha, band dad apparently! I’m also the drummer.

You can catch Matt and the lads from Hungry Lungs, along with Black Friday, Grim Tilla and The Young Art this Friday night at the Arthouse In/Off gig.

Fri 21st March

Arthouse – 240 Scott St (via McCoombe St)

Doors 7.00pm, show from 8.00pm

Tix $10 / 7 on the door