Jimmy The One

Jimmy The One

Jimmy The One are an indie-rock trio based in Cairns, QLD that play smooth, melodic rock beats. Drawing inspiration from Tame Impala, Van She and The Strokes. While trying to keep up with their secondary school studies, the indie-rockers have been devoting more time to song-writing and performing in and around Cairns.

The band have performed with The Medics, Vozzey&VanC and also at Carve It Up Festival alongside Bluejuice, Ball Park Music and The Jungle Giants in late 2012 after releasing their self-titled debut EP. 

Jimmy The One bass player and vocalist David Zahner tells NQMP “The last few months Jimmy The One have been hard at work writing songs, recording and developing our style. This show at the grand hotel on Saturday is the first one we’ve played in a while so we are looking forward to it!”

When I asked drummer Anthony Sayer how their sound has evolved since their self titled 2012 debut he replied “Our 2012 EP was more of a learning curve for us, and our sound has matured and changed a lot since then. In 2012 we were still finding out what worked well for us.  We were writing indie/pop music back then, and now we write more psychedelic and alternative rock songs.”

Anthony went on to expand on the recording of the curiously named new single “Psychedelic Maniac”  “There isn’t a brilliant story behind Psychedelic Maniac, we were having one of our weekly late night rehearsals and just started jamming, and somehow it led to the first couple of bars of the song, we thought it sounded pretty cool and kinda gave us a Tame Impala vibe, so we were eager to finish it. I think we only wrote about half of it before we hit the studio so we had to finish it in there. Dave wrote one of the verses just before he recorded it, but we are really really happy with the way it came out!”

“We recorded the track with Mark Myers in the studio he has set up in his house, he has recorded so many great artists and some of our friends have even recorded there! His studio has an awesome little dog named Plum which made the whole experience of recording there so much fun.”

And the band name? “The band name came from my brothers good friend Patrick, he was staying over my house (Anthony) and showed me a cool music website, his username was Jimmytheone and we happened to be looking for band names around the time, so I suggested it to the guys and we all liked it!”

When asked about what’s in store for Jimmy The One, Anthony was quick to reply “We are releasing two singles, the first was “Psychedelic Maniac” that was released yesterday, and the second is called “Talk too much”.  We are going to see how they go for a few months before getting back into the studio with new ideas for a second EP”

Jimmy The One play the Garageland #2 at the Grand Hotel in Cairns on Saturday the 14th of June. Entry is free! (18+)

Todd Macalpine

Check out Jimmy the One’s  “Psychedelic Maniac” below.