Jordan Brodie

Jordan Brodie – In Good Company

Local finger style guitarist Jordan Brodie has just released his debut album “In Good Company” and is about to embark on a national tour to celebrate the release of his new album (recorded locally at Pegasus Studio). We caught up with Jordan on the cusp of his tour for a quick chat..

What is it about the style of music that you play that drew you too it?

I fell in love with the challenge and freedom of playing this style of music after hearing guitar greats like Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins and Bruce Mathiske to name a few. The general term is called “fingerstyle Guitar”, which is both a style and a technique. It is where my fingers play the bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously. I use fingerstyle to play many different genres of music from jazz, folk, classical and blues etc.

Can you tell us a bit about the recording of “In Good Company”?

“In Good Company” is fingerstyle guitar album, consisting on 9 originals and 1 cover. It was recorded with Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studios, Cairns and was released through MGM distribution. The album is a collection of songs I wrote during my studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. It’s a special album to me because it is a tribute to my father, who passed away a few years ago, as these songs were the last he heard. He was a big inspiration and supporter of my music.

What was the inspiration for your track “Luna”

“Luna” was composed during my studies at the Conservatorium of Music. It was a result of discovering an amazing American guitarist called “Julian Lage” and feeling incredibly inspired by his complex yet melodic style of playing. In particular, his “233 Butler” opened up a lot of new ideas and pathways for me on the guitar.

Can you tell us a bit about your most memorable experience playing live?

That’s a tricky one. If I had to choose I would say performing at the Tanks Arts Centre, especially Tanks Unplugged last year. Every time I play at the Tanks it is an incredible experience. The crowd are extremely generous and supportive and the sound quality is the best I’ve heard – my ideal concert! We are very lucky to have such a unique venue in Cairns. But I’m sure I will make many more great memories on my upcoming tour!


14th April: McLaughlin Theatre, Cairns
15th April: Tablelands Music Lovers, Atherton
19th April: Bellevue Hotel (Folk Club), Townsville
20th April: Live at the Shack, Mackay
22nd April: House Concert, Sunshine Coast
28th April: Jazz Music Institute (JMI), Brisbane
29th April: Zamia Theatre, Mt Tamborine
4th May: The Naked Bean, Grafton
5th May: 5 Church Street, Bellingen
6th May: House Concert, Port Macquarie
10th May: 5 Sawyers, Newcastle
12th May: Humph Hall, Sydney
13th May: House Concert, Sydney
7th – 10th June: Palm Creek Folk Festival, Townsville
29th June – 1st July: Newport Folk Festival, Melbourne

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