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The Koffin Rockers – Dead End

Townsville punkabilly outfit The Koffin Rockers have just released the long awaited follow up to their 2013 released E.P “These Guys. Their new E.P “Dead End” sees the guys refining their already potent mix of rockabilly, punk and good time rock’n’roll. The Koffin Rockers are just about to head out on the road for a series of gigs with 80s icons The Radiators and the Badloves. Singer/Guitarist Michael Hegarty joins us for a bit of Q/A on what’s up with the Koffin Rockers.

How has the Koffin Rockers sound evolved since your old E.P “These Guys”

These Guys was recorder 3 years ago now so we have had time to really define our sound. He have spent a lot of time on the road and have matured as a group. You can really hear it on Dead End. The songs are more mature with strong hooks, rhythm and melody. In some ways it is less gritty and more refined.

Where was the album recorded?

The album was recorded locally at Green Studios with producer Luke “Shredder’ Green. He recorded our first release and we liked working with him. He is honest and bringings out the best in our playing and writing. The album was mastered by Rene Garcia from the Canadian band The Brains (Stomp Records). He added the final touches to ensure our style was well represented.

How does the songwriting process normally work with you guys?

The song writing process is quite collaborative. Though it does normally begin with a song idea from myself, then the other boys come in and rip it apart and make it their own. They add their parts and then we jam it out to see if it “feels” right. The final stage is playing it live. If it doesn’t work live it doesn’t make the Album.

I see you are touring with The Radiators and the Badloves, how do The Koffin Rockers fit in with these Oz Rock icons?

Yes it is a great honour to be included in that line up. I guess we fit in because our musical genre comes from the blues roots of America although a more country version of it hence the name Rockabilly. This just lends to the Bad Loves blues grooves and for the Radiators we know how to rock and lets face it those guys rock with the best. So I guess our music and performance crosses many genres and styles so it is easy for us to fit in with most acts.

Can you stop sending NQ Music Press pics of you guys bathing? You can’t unsee that shit..

Yeah we could, but where is the fun in that? Those images burn into the brain leaving an everlasting memory of The Koffin Rockers hahaha

Whats next for the Koffin Rockers after the Tour with Radiators and Badloves?

After those shows we are on the road again. We hit Autumnfest, Cooly Rocks On and a national tour with Canadian Rockabilly great Evil Elvis. Plus a lot of local Townsville shows in between. You can keep tabs of our up coming shows by liking our Facebook page or heading to our website.

Todd Macalpine

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