MANUKA – Michael Reisener

Local dub reggae band, MANUKA merge lush electronic sounds with fat bass, huge drums, sleek guitar, rich keys and powerful vocals that carry lyrics about deep consciousness, culture and the environment. I caught up with singer and front man Michael Reisener ahead of their Panda Room gig this Saturday night 15th Oct. A veritable supergroup featuring members of iconic local bands Souvenir City, Hot Rubber Glove and Snakecharmer, Michael explains how they came into existance..

“I have known Jesser since the old Rock Against Work days at Johnos Blues Bar, he was in Souvenir City, I was in Snake Charmer, all playing on Tues nights at Johnos bar. I bumped into him a couple of years ago at the Jack and said we should start a band. We jammed with Mickles the bass player and Jane keyboardist in Jessers shed and I put some lyrics together and Manuka was born”

Anyone that had been at any of the old Pandamonium/Johnos R.A.W or Big Night Out gigs and saw Michael’s old band ‘Snakecharmer’ would wonder at the stylistic change from RATM style Metal to Dub Regggae, Michael explains..

“Yeah it was a long break inbetween bands. And I have always appreciated all different types of music, so the transition was easy”

MANUKA are fast becoming fixtures on the local festival scene and Michael shared one of his favourite festival moments..

“I had a great moment with Manuka playing at the Lions Den, up near Cooktown. The crowd was really enthusiastic and we just had a great night, that seemed to be what playing live was all about. We did an extra set because they kept chanting for an encore”

MANUKA are keen to record more new music in the future and are excited about a new song they will be playing at The Panda Room on Saturday night.

“My latest and greatest song is called AMORE. It’s about life and good times celebrating the LOVE that helps us through life, we create our music with LOVE and we want to share that with people”

Manuka Play The Panda Room Big Night Out gig on Saturday the 15th of October, along with Enemy of Anenome, The Raconteurs, The Brazilians and Savidas. Tickets

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