Mimi Tannaka – Unplugged Photographs

Cairns vibrant live music scene has been brought into sharp focus in an upcoming exhibition of “Unplugged Photographs” by Mimi Tannaka, launching at The Tanks Arts Centre this evening from 6pm.

Not an event we would normally cover here in NQ Music Press, but many would know Mimi as an active supporter of the local Cairns music scene and many would have enjoyed her stunning photos from countless gigs over the many years.

This exhibition is promised to be a tribute to the talent of our town , with a selection of Mimi’s best images on display from hundreds of performances she has witnessed.

Since moving to Cairns from Tokyo, the music-loving photographer met musician GG Davies in 2012 who introduced her to the local live music scene.

“I went along to many gigs, thoroughly immersing myself into the music and carefully watched how performers operated on stage,” Ms Tannaka said.

“I took a photograph of Johno at a Cairns Blues Festival fundraiser with my first digital SLR camera purchased only a couple of weeks before,” she said. “That image found its way online and caught the eye of many music lovers.”

She said their praise and appreciation for her artistic eye ignited a passion in her. “Watching Johno through the view finder, with his characteristic soulful expressions and the wonderful stage lighting, I knew I had to try and capture the essence of what I saw,” Ms Tannaka said. “When Johno performs on a big stage, it’s like he is in his own world.

Local and touring musicians such as Juanita Peterson (Fingerprint), Chris Ellis, Tim Wright (King Pig), Dan Sultan and Chris Ahh Gee are all featured in Mimi Tannaka’s photography.

“Through my art, I try to tell the artist’s story and let the audience be a part of that.”

Mimi Tannaka – Unplugged Photographs. Launches at The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 3rd Febuary from 6pm. Entertainment by Silktones and Coconut Kiss. Exhibition open till Sat 4th March. 9am till 4pm weekdays, 10am till 2.30pm weekends.

Mitch Sullivan

Photo by Mimi Tannaka

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