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After somewhat of a sabbatical, one of NQ’s favourite bands are back and rearing to go. For the sake of the uninitiated, maybe first we should return to the beginning of the Peyote saga..

Peyote came about early in 2011 after the break up of 2 local bands with Rhys, Gene & Andy of Said & Done teaming up with Oz from ‘Wreckin Crew’ on vocals to start a new project.

None of the members had any major writing credits from their previous bands so it was a bit of a learning curve for the Peyote boys to jump in and start writing a set together from Scratch.

Bass player Andy Parkinson explains “We had some hit n miss songs over the first year as we tried to forge “our” sound to find what worked best for us, but always seemed to keep coming back to the groove.”

“People used to always ask us what our genre was and we always drew a blank as our set seemed to be pretty diverse within the rock genre. As the years have gone by we’ve become really comfortable with our own sound which I guess you’d call groove rock, influenced by the sounds of bands like Kyuss, Metallica, Tool etc.”

Peyote have been regulars on the been regulars on the NQ pub circuit over the years supporting bands like 12 Foot Ninja, The Peyote22Butterfly Effect, and Shihad. They have kept busy organising shows like On like donkey kong @ The Jack, packed out The Velvet underground for their EP launch, & terrorised a battle of the bands down in Sydney after winning a comp up here.

Having been going at it for 5 years straight in their previous bands & then straight into Peyote they decided to finally take a break in February this year, just to step away from it all. Andy Elaborates “I think it just got to a point where our lives were just getting in the road & causing our rehearsals to be really stale. When jamming with ya mates becomes more a chore than fun, its definitely time to take a break from it all.”

“Rhys wound up in Darwin for a few months while the rest of us were busy doing our own thing & it was really good just to step away from it all for a while.”

With Rhys coming back a month and a half ago, it was a good excuse for the erstwhile lads to get back together for a jam and see how it felt, & according to Andy it all just fell together really easily. After 5 or 6 jams Peyote have 2 new songs just about complete which they’re hoping to play at their upcoming gigs & another 3rd one in the works which hopefully will be ready soon.

In Andy’s typically down to earth manner he went on to say “No major plans for us in the future. We’re not here to try conquer the world or anything, we just love music & writing/playing it together so as long as our mates & punters keep showing up at gigs we’ll keep doing it.”

“The only real plan for the future is to finally lay down a proper recording which we’re hoping to do a full album with Dal Smart sometime next year. Our EP was a rush job fairly early in our existence so we’re pretty keen to record all the new songs & maybe spend more time re recording a couple of the old ones too.”

Peyote’s EP Disambiguation can be downloaded for free from

Upcoming gigs are the grand hotel Nov 8th, and Mofo @ Balaclava hotel nov 15th

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