Progressive Tan

Progressive Tan

Progressive Tan are about to hit Cairns for the Kuranda Roots festival and the Jack pre Party. Featuring 2 key members of seminal Cairns band Hot Rubber Glove, and a focus on bringing the fun back into music, Progressive Tan are shaping up to be a band worth checking out at Kuranda Roots. NQMP’s Todd Macalpine catches up with Rudi Quinzales and Kazman for a quick Q/A on Progressive Tan.

TM:- Where does Progressive Tan sit in the musical spectrum?

Rudi Quinzalez:- Progressive Tan are fronted by Brisbane musical identities KazMan, Dougie Fresh and Rudi Quinzalez with a style reminiscent of Jamaican vocal groups such as the Wailers, Mighty Diamonds and the Gladiators. Their music encompasses a fun mixture of reggae, ska and crooning island soul.

Kazman:- well what I can tell you now is that Rudi and I have put together yet another band, with some other cool cats including Dougie fresh, another face people of the far north should be familiar with. Progressive Tan is the name of the group. I’d say its a story of how some people stick with people that find it natural to be creative together but also inspire generations after and create modern festivals and create opportunities for the new.

TM:- Where does the band name come from?

Rudi Quinzalez:- The band name comes from the colour of the band’s skins – going from pasty Irish white through to Fijian Chocolate via Anglo/Aboriginal coffee.

TM:- I take it this is the first NQ jaunt for Progressive Tan?

Rudi Quinzalez:-  Yep, we will be playing Kuranda Roots on Friday and Saturday.

TM:- What can NQ fans expect from the Progressive Tan show?

Rudi Quinzalez:- Progressive Tan is about taking the seriousness out of music and bringing the fun back.

TM:- Will we be seeing some recorded output from Progressive Tan soon?

Rudi Quinzalez:- Yep we are working on an E.P now,  just needs mixing and we’re done!