Robbie V 2019

Robbie-V – Funkin The Flame

The Tanks Arts Centre host their final “Flame Music” gig for 2019 on the 6th of Dec. The series of gigs have showcased a host of local original acts over the last year. The last instalment for 2019 will feature Robbie-V and the Cosmonauts, and the duo Stone Alley. We caught up with Robbie-V ahead of their Tanks show to give us the low down on the Cosmonauts..

“The idea of the Cosmonauts is to not go down the path of the traditional rock or roots band, but instead use different instruments to create a completely new sound that captures the intensity of electronic music and the energy of a live performance all on the one stage. The Drums, Synth Bass and Hammond Organ create a powerful driving rhythm section tailor made for the dance-floor, combined with Saxophone and powerful Female Vocals to ensure an exciting connection with the audience, with a dash of hip hop, for good measure”

“I have been blessed to be able to work with some of the most amazing musicians in Cairns for this project, and you can really feel it in the live show. The band has performed at Reef Beat, Coalescence and Eco Fiesta to date, with a truly amazing response from the festival audience!”

And what can we expect from Robbie-V and The Cosmonauts at their Tanks show?

“This next gig has been specifically crafted for the iconic Tanks Arts Centre venue, with the first time introduction of the mighty Moog analogue bass synth and live visual projections by Phosphorus to really send the audience off into the cosmos. We really can’t wait to hit the stage!”

Robbie-V and the Cosmonauts will be joined at Flame Music by Stone Alley featuring Stan Stone on guitar and vox and Damion Jones on drums and vox. The Stone Alley lads have been making a great impact on the local scene lately, so this would be a good chance to check them out.

FLAME.MUSIC takes place at Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 6 December. Tickets cost $12.60 or $10.50 for concession, Tickets available through Ticketlink

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