Rum Forest Rum

Rum Forest Rum

Rum Forest Rum started in late 2013 as a hobby between two friends with similar music tastes (Tyson Beable, and Sean Fisher). They discovered they well worked together, and consequently began writing songs at a rapid pace. They have now started getting gigs and making a small name for themselves playing MOFO, Kundapalooza, and various band competitions.

The band begun tracking their debut release in April 2014, a 6 track EP entitled “Maybe Means No”, due for release late 2014. They guys are tracking the E.P with their friend Jake Nelis from Well Above Hell Recordings, and are hoping to finish tracking this weekend. Well above hell is a small little recording project founded by the band’s friend/fill in guitarist Jake Nelis from the local Deathcore metal group, Avenge The Sin.

According to band vocalist and rhythm guitar player Tyson Be able, when asked where the band name came from he offered “We wanted a name that was silly, fun and a bit of a word play, our guitarist Sean threw it out and we just stuck with it”. When asked where the inspiration for their music comes from, Tyson went on to say  “Just general experiences/everyday scenarios and feelings. It’s got that coming of age with a little bit of a summer party vibe.”

Rum Forest Rum are playing the Arthouse on 20th June and the MOFO show at the Germania club in Cairns on the 28th of June and Tyson says that fans can expect “A bunch of new songs we haven’t played arranged with a few of our favorite covers from our favorite bands with a fun and energetic performance.”

When asked where he would like to see the band go in the future, Tyson replied. “As far as it can take it, we’ve got a lot of ideas and things we want to do with this project, hopefully once the EP is out people will get a chance to hear it and spread our music, it would be great to play a big festival one day.”

Todd Macalpine

Photo by Sionainne Sweeney Costello