The Broken Needles

The Broken Needles

THE BROKEN NEEDLES are a Melbourne-based independent rock band originally originally from Townsville.

Their debut album, the maniacally rain-drenched, feedback-soaked TERRA NULLIUS was released in 2012, prompting Rolling Stone to declare it a, “Wet-season postcard from Psychoville, N.Q.”

Holy CoastThe band’s second studio album HOLY COAST – released June 2014 – sees their ferocious twin-guitar attack gracefully supplanted by billowing synth textures, meandering pedal steel lines and baroque string arrangements; igniting a flickering, slow-burning lounge flame with a pulsing undercurrent of detached lunacy and seroquel soul. Todd Macalpine catches up with The Broken Needles Mick Galloway for a quick Q/A ahead of their In/Off club show at the Arthouse this Saturday night.

NQMP:- Can you give me a brief history or the Broken Needles for your Cairns readers?

Mick Galloway:- We originally formed in Townsville in 2010, but the current lineup has been around since 2012. Nestor Romanyk (viola / synths) then joined the band halfway through the recording process for Holy Coast. We’ve been based in Melbourne for the past 18 months. Our Townsville show will be the first time we’ve played in North Queensland in two years, and this will be the first time we’ve ever played in Cairns which is really exciting.

NQMP:- There is an interesting mix of sounds on Holy Coast, what are the bands influences?

Mick Galloway:- Van Morrison, The Triffids, Slint, Townes Van Zandt.

NQMP:- How do you perceive the bands sound has evolved since 2012’s Terra Nullius?

Mick Galloway:- We’ve added another member so that has shaken up the dynamic a bit. There’s a lot more going on arrangement-wise than on our first record, which was more or less a band playing the songs straight up. Lots of strings and synths when before it was all guitars. Nestor joining the band and contributing all the string arrangements was a huge change for us as well, and it’s turned out great.

NQMP:- What can punters expect from your Arthouse show?

Mick Galloway:- Jordan Ireland (Stolen Violin) is amazing live. He’s one of the few people out there that can hold a room with just a voice and a guitar so that’s gonna be great. The Starry Field are always great as well. I’m looking forward to checking out Cari Cari for the first time too. We’ll be injecting a bit of the noise and chaos into the whole situation so it’s gonna be a great night with lots of diverse bands from all over the country and all over the world.

NQMP:- How did the move from NQ to Melbourne pan out for you guys?

Mick Galloway:- We love North Queensland but unfortunately the live music situation in Townsville became a bit untenable for us due to a lack of suitable venues, so we had to head down south. We chose Melbourne because it’s the music capital of Australia and it’s a great place to live and play music if you don’t mind shitty weather. Hopefully we can get back to North Queensland at least once a year to play shows. The reception up there is always great.

Todd Macalpine

The Broken Needles are part of the In/Off club show at the Arthouse this Saturday 12th July.

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