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The Taste – Lucid Dreams

The Taste have been busy lads lately, racking up an impressive quota of gigs around all the place. By all reports they totally rocked the German club last weekend at the MOFO gig and won a bunch of new fans. The band recently released their “Reflections” E.P, and supported the E.P with a tour that took them to Byron Bay and lots of points in-between. They also recently topped the local “Top Of The Trops” charts with their track “Rain Or Sunshine. I caught up with guitarist Mitch Sullivan for a quick chatĀ ahead of their Resonate gig on Thursday night at the Grand Hotel.

TM:- So what’s new in the world of the Taste?

MS:- We had our Balcony TV episode go online which was pretty cool (You can check it out at the bottom of this story – ed). Rachel is away overseas at the moment so it will just be the 3 of us performing for the time being. There have been a lot of gigs happening lately. Looking forward to Resonate on Thursday Night and definitely looking forward to seeing Bosko & Honey, they always put on a great show! We also have some gigs lined up in Townsville and Cooktown so we will be on the road a bit again soon.

TM:- Relections features guest spots from quite a few local entities including Chris Oakshot, Chris is an interesting character, how did he become involved in the recording?

MS:- ‘The Boogie Man’ Chris Oakshott has always been a great mate of ours at The Taste. We’ve performed songs written by him in the past and he is our performing Bass player, we all just love having him around and really wanted to get him on the album. We had an idea of recording ‘I Won’t’ in a Travelling Willburies kinda way, We have the 3 acoustic guitars in a circle around a few mics with Enzo Russo on the Cajon. It was really nice and we did it in 2 takes. It was a nice way to finish the album.

TM:- I saw your track Lucid Dreams on Balcony TV, where do a bunch of NQ blokes get the Hip Hop influence from?

Ms:- I worked with Vainz years ago and he has always been into it. When we collabated on Rain Or Sunshine it felt really right so when he joined the band officially it sorted just developed from there. To be honest I never thought I’d be in a Hip Hop band, I had a Dr Dre album growing up but to be honest I don’t know why I even had it, or got it. I was into the complete opposite kind of music. I liked my guitars and mostly 60/70’s rock. Its amazing where music can take you and how your musical taste changes.

TM:- What is the track Lucid Dreams about?

MS:- Lucid Dreams was actually written about 4 years ago by Matty and Vainz. To my understanding it was written and recorded pretty quickly, the original version is still up floating around on YouTube and Soundcloud. When the guys joined The Taste we started doing the songs but it tended to sound very Tropical and more happy, which lead to Vainz changing his vereses. To me the song is about letting your dreams come true and not letting people get the better of you. This song always makes me smile and love playing it. Its probably the 7th chords that get me

TM:- Are there any new releases on the horizon?

MS:- We are in the early stages of demoing new songs but nothing solid yet. We are hoping to put some new ideas up on Soundcloud within in the next month before making a plan towards the next EP. Lots of ideas flowing so we will be looking to make it all happen before the year is finished.

Todd Macalpine

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