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Three Mile Road – I Know A Girl

Townsville band Three Mile Road are on the cusp of releasing their new single “I Know A Girl” which will be the bands third commercial release to date. The band lay claim to a genre they call “Mangrove Rock”, which according to rhythm guitarist and harmonica player Damien McCluskey is due the bands “Grungy distortion, rock guitar riffs, heavy Blues and Country influence, as well as the regular presence of slide guitar and harmonica” My interest peaked, I caught up with Damien McCluskey to find out more about Three Mile Road..

TM:- How did Three Mile Road come together?

DM:- Three Mile Road originally came together in early 2012, originally as an acoustic duo with Matt our lead guitarist, and myself. What can I say? It’s just grown from there. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in that time, losing members, financial difficulty etc etc same problems every band has. We had some time off at the start of this year to polish up our set, with the addition of our new bassist Ben Thomas and new drummer Robert Nixon, but we’ve been together about 6 months now and things are going great with the current Lineup.

TM:- What’s the story behind the lyrics of “I know a Girl”?

DM:- Ummm, interestingly I don’t know myself exactly… It’s a mix between reality and imagination, as most of my songs tend to be, but to put it simply, it’s about a girl I knew, a girl I know and a girl I’d like to know… I can never explain it, without coming across like a bit of a sleeze haha.

TM:- Where did you record “I Know A Girl”?

DM:- We recorded the single with Sam Wright at “The Rec Room” recording studio in Townsville. Sam’s great to work with, we’ve recorded there several times over the last year or so, for our past album and live videos, with his associate Aaron Ashley (Photographer/Videographer). Sam provides such a relaxed environment, which really let’s the creativity run wild, and to his credit, he puts up with our crass behaviour and occasional boisterous antics.

TM:- You are releasing the video clip for “I Know A Girl” at the same time as the single are you guys comfortable with the video filming process?

DM:- I’m not, at all.. Haha! I find it very difficult, because I’m very self conscious and I hate being photographed, let alone videoed! But the guys seemed fine, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them get nervous, except Matt when we took his clothes off and chained him to a wall – You’ll have to watch the video to understand I think.. haha! We got Lior Cohen from Visual Reflection to shoot the video and Townsville based model Mary Holmes to play the female role. We filmed at the Showbar 151 in Townsville and I won’t go too much into the details, but it’s a little provocative. Everyone was great to work with, very professional and we must say a big thank you to Showbar 151 for accommodating us and letting us film in their venue. Cheers Lez! We’ll be premiering the video at the launch on a big projector screen!

TM:- What’s next for three mile road?

DM:- This year has been pretty chaotic for what I’d call a relaxed time for us. We haven’t been active in the festival circuit or support circuit this year. We’re mainly just working on recording some singles we’ve been wanting to get down for a while, which is what we’ll be concentrating on for the remainder of the year, in preparation for a big 2016 with a brand new setlist and hopefully a new album.

Three Mile Road launch their film clip and single “I Know A Girl” on Saturday June 20 at the Commonwealth Hotel in South Townsville. Entry is only $10. More info:-

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